Currently we have 600 workers.
There are 7 production lines, each with 50 workers.
Workers have an average of 3-5 years of garment making experience.
Production capacity varies with different products.

Inventory of machineries ( sets )

Direct Drive, electronic single needle machine with auto trimmer 500
Five thread over-lock machine, heavy material 80
Two needle lockstitch machine with split device 40
Flat bed interlock sewing machine for medium and heavy fabric 25
23 needle chain-stitch machine 10
Electronic bar-tack machine 12
Straight button- holing machine 8
Direct drive button set-in machine –laser sensitive, cut protection 10
Heat-sealing machine ( seam-taped ) 6
Hot press machine 6
Positioning machine 4
Heat transfer machine 8
Needle Detector 2
Cutting machine 5
Power Generator 2
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